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Understanding California Policy for SRM (SRM03)

This course covers the history and current practices of California policies and programs.

You will be able to: Recall at least 5 State or Local laws that have contributed to the resource management infrastructure within the state • Identify key regulatory agencies and organizations operating in California • Examine existing legislation and draw conclusions as to why certain adopted policies have been able to gain the legislative support needed to become law

Instructor: Angela Vincent
  • About this Class...
  • Lesson One: How Legislation Is Born
  • Lesson Two: Types of Legislation
  • Lesson Three: What is Actually Recyclable in California
  • Lesson Four: California Policies
  • Lesson Five: How to Review Legislation
  • Dec 2022 Legislative Update
  • Novemer 2023 Legislative Update
  • Supplemental Resources
  • Assignment: California Legislation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed