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Certificate in Sustainable Resource Management (Cert01)
Certificate in Sustainable Resource Management (Cert01)
The Sustainable Resource Management (SRM) certification program has been designed by industry experts to provide information on the policies, programs and infrastructure that support Zero Waste. Through SRM strategies, individuals, communities...
Environmentally Preferred Purchasing for Zero Waste (EPP01)
Supplemental Course
Environmentally Preferred Purchasing for Zero Waste (EPP01)
Build Your Zero Waste Purchasing Powers! Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Come to this Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Coures where Marialyce Pedersen will deliver tailored and actionable guidance intended to enable participants to...
Finding Meaning in Waste Reports (Pre30)
Recorded Webinars
Finding Meaning in Waste Reports (Pre30)
Explore how to use different types of waste reports, how to analyze data, where to find hidden information, and how to create the highest and best use solutions based on your discoveries. Presenters: Sue Beets-Atkinson and Amy Marpman, ...
Introduction to SRM (SRM01)
Introduction to SRM (SRM01)
Learn the basics of Sustainable Resource Management (SRM). By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to: • Identify what materials are being disposed and locate resources on existing disposal data. • Explain what is meant by...
History of Solid Waste Management (SRM02)
History of Solid Waste Management (SRM02)
This course explores the history of solid waste management from ancient times to current day practices. This class identifies key transitional periods that led current policies, viewpoints on waste management, and the development of key...
Understanding California Policy for SRM (SRM03)
Understanding California Policy for SRM (SRM03)
This course covers the history and current practices of California policies and programs. You will be able to: Recall at least 5 State or Local laws that have contributed to the resource management infrastructure within the state • Identify...
SRM Infrastructure (SRM04)
SRM Infrastructure (SRM04)
Gain insight into the various systems needed to collect resources from residential, commercial and industrial establishments. In this course, you’ll learn about: -Different waste streams and collection categories -Optimization of...
Zero Waste Basics (SRM05)
Zero Waste Basics (SRM05)
In this course, Gary Liss (Zero Waste USA) will introduce the basics of Zero Waste including who is "doing zero waste", the drivers and benefits, community planning, and pillars of creating a zero waste economy.
Zero Waste Businesses (SRM06)
Zero Waste Businesses (SRM06)
Zero waste businesses are leading the way as they discover ways to increase profits, decrease costs and divert over 90% of their waste. By the end of this lesson, the participant will be able to: • Understand what a Zero Waste Business is...
Zero Waste Communities and Market Development (SRM07)
Zero Waste Communities and Market Development (SRM07)
Learn how communities working to pursue Zero Waste often develop Zero Waste Plans to identify an approach that is embraced by residents, businesses, service providers and other stakeholders in the community. By the end of this lesson,...

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