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Tracking, Measuring, and Auditing Waste (SRM08)

Learn the steps to conduct a waste analysis. Understand why developing baseline data, measurement and tracking are critical to effective strategies to reduce waste and save businesses money. Learn the steps to right-size waste and recycling services. Be provided basic information on how to analyze the captured data and create action plans for businesses based on the information.

-Learn the steps to plan and safely carry out a waste audit:
-Use acquired information to perform a waste analysis at home or at a business
-Understand how to develop a baseline and then measure and track diversion programs
-Learn to the formula for calculating diversion
-Learn the steps to plan and safely perform a waste and recycling “right-sizing”
-Use acquired data from the waste analysis to help create “next-steps” and drive diversion

Upon completion of this course the learner will:

-Describe the primary steps to perform a waste audit/analysis
-State the best time to audit and identify proper steps to prepare for the audit
-Apply knowledge learned by conducting a waste audit at home, school or a businesses
-Identify some of the key factors to measure when tracking and recording the cost of disposal and recycling practices
-Describe the primary steps to perform a waste /recycling “right-sizing”
-Explain what is meant by baseline data
-Summarize how the results of the audit can be used to design program “next steps” and help eliminate wasting
-Calculate diversion rates for various business models
-Examine the data from a waste audit and create a strategy for home/school/businesses to reduce or eliminate wasteful practices

Instructors: Sue Beets-Atkinson and Judi Gregory
  • About this Course...
  • Introduction to Tracking, Measuring and Auditing Waste and Recyclables
  • Preparing for the Audit
  • The Waste Sort Process
  • Case Study
  • Tracking_ Measurement and Analysis
  • Analyze the Data
  • Tracking
  • Waste Tracking Tool Demonstration
  • Right Size Demonstration
  • Rightsizing and Diversion Review
  • Supplemental Resources
  • Tracking, Measuring and Auditing Assignment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed